close up (3)The tinsel clusters hanging from the light strings were made from two Gold Metallic Foil Curtains  from Amazon.  I’d love to tell you this was a quick and easy task but instead I’ll fess up to the fact that it took 2 of us around 2.5 hours.  I do have to say that the photo doesn’t give the full impact of how great it looked.  It really had a big impact and set a special tone to the party.  The curtains are 3′ x 8′ but the top few inches aren’t usable so we measured the actual fringe length and divided by 4 to calculate each cut level.  Although time consuming, the steps are simple:

  1. lay out curtain flat either on a clean hard surface floor or your dining table (the foil is a bit magnetic so it picks up dirt & pet hair easily so lay a drop cloth if needed)
  2. use masking tape to adhere the top & bottom of the curtain so it doesn’t slide around and then place guide marks on the side of the curtain at each cutting level
  3. with very sharp scissors cut levels of fringe off beginning from the bottom and carefully gather up each row of tinsel then set aside neatly ( I stacked them on a large tray)
  4. continue to cut off each length of tinsel until  you reach the last level at which point trim the header off of it
  5. depending on how meticulous you’d like to be, you can either grab a handful of tinsel strands as you like or do what I did and count each group to contain 12 strands
  6. reserve 8-12 groups of tinsel for use covering the plug ends of your lights
  7. decide on a design to string the light strands up that suits your space – we did a cross design but I’ve seen these hung in a zig zag design too
  8. secure the light string well – for the corners we used heavy fishing line to tie to tacks that were pinned to the top of my molding and for the center section that went through my chandelier we used thin zip ties
  9. drape one fringe group over the light cord centered between two bulbs.  Use thin width scotch tape to adhere the fringe to the cord or pre-gather clumps of fringe and attach with fishing line
  10. make tassels from the reserved groups of tinsel and attach them in each corner to cover the plugs

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