Bunny Pancakes

Happy Easter everyone!  Just a quick post to tell the special fun of having a few unique traditions for this holiday.  It happens to be a sentimental holiday for us.  Easter reminds me of how extremely lucky I am that my daughter and her step-father have a deep, loving bond.  It’s rare I believe based on what I’ve been told by friends and things I’ve read.  I am so grateful that they share a similar temperament, love of games and sense of humor.  Their connection really strengthened 5 years ago when Steven (my now husband of almost 4 years) and Isabelle (my older daughter – 8 at the time) spent a vacation together for the first time and began a tradition of what I’d call The Egg Hunt Challenge.  Both of them love puzzles and games – it’s one of their many connection points – and Steven took great pride in hiding eggs and candy around the beach cottage we were staying at.

Every year since, the egg hiding anti has been upped and upped.  This year was no exception and now that Isabelle is 13, she gets less eggs (20) and they are really hard to find.  It took her around an hour to find them and much like when she was a toddler, many of the items in the eggs aren’t candy (for example they share a love the mini Lego figurines so Steven collects them and gives them to Iz throughout the year). Steven often camouflages like colored eggs into something always around the house.  Last year the golden egg sat on top of a silver cup and was the one egg she walked past 20 times before seeing it. Another sitting on a step of a staircase architectural model was long overlooked.  This year, one on top of a wall clock and another sitting just inside the open design of the garden bench we use as a side table were the two she hunted for the longest. I hope you too have a love of Easter and that it is a time of family traditions and reflection.  Happy Easter!

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