Healthy Day Chalkboard

I’ve been trying for the past year to year to get different systems in place that help our family keep on top of things, reduce stress and/or just generally help each other out.  One of the simple things I did last year was to create a chalkboard system tracking what my youngest daughter ate during the day.  This may seem like something folks shouldn’t have to track, but since there are days when up to 3 different people serve meals to Reina, this system has proven very helpful.  And even on the days when it was just me feeding her all meals, I will confess that my memory isn’t always awesome so it saves me time and lets me plan ahead for the next meal knowing what she’s missing towards the goal of a balanced diet.

I used 2 different round platters, a large cup and a serving fork as templates for the design.  Just be sure to clean the chalk pen off any more porous items pretty quickly – one wooden platter was tough to clean after the pen had dried.  I use regular chalk to fill in daily details and then a damp paper towel to carefully wipe the daily details off at the end of the day yet keep the design in tact. Over time we’ve added standing notes about what time she woke up, length of nap and if she’s taken medication.

The larger chalkboard is below and we try to fill it out every Saturday so that all family members can plan their week.  I’ll continue talking about other systems over the next few posts.  I hope that some of them will help you and your families out!

Family Life Chalkboard

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