My hope with this blog is to share my passion for fashion, entertaining and interior design in a way that elevates simple ideas into something fun and special or feature things that are simply beautiful.  There is art is many forms: unique objects, perfectly tailored clothing that highlights a woman’s curves, the silhouette of a beautiful automobile or a shared delicious meal.

Throughout my career I have worked for many luxury retailers like Tiffany & Co., BMW and W by Worth among them. I’ve also owned a small antiques and design business (1 of a few businesses I’ve had) plus had the good fortune to live in Europe for nearly 4 years.  This experience, and the good luck to work with some very talented people along the way, have helped me to understand good design and appreciate small details that many people tend to overlook. I’m hoping to share some with you here.

I currently reside in Seattle, Washington and have two lovely daughters (12 and nearly 2) and a wonderful husband.  They often get roped into my endeavors (usually willingly) and always offer amazing support for me to pursue the things that I love and help add fun to our family life and beauty to our 1927 house.

To submit a party or design concept for feature, please contact me at for guidelines and consideration.

Thanks for reading! Elizabeth

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