Easter Decor How To Info

Carrots in apothocary jar w antique chocolate moldsEasy daisy arrangmentMeri Meri rabbit balloon centerpiece how to


From the Toddler Egg Hunt post here are some close ups and how to photos.  Everything was super easy!

Carrot & daisy floral arrangement: wash carrots and remove any unattractive greenery and broken stems.  Line a large vase or apothecary jar with the carrots placing the more attractive carrots on the outer edge.  You could insert an inner tall/thin vase inside the carrots but I didn’t need to.  They stayed nicely and created a natural inner area to place the daisies.  This was an awesome impact for $10 (carrots were 3 bunches for $5 and daisies were $5).  Fill with water.  I bought the carrots & made this the day before the event and it still looked fresh 24 hours later.

Table including $ 10 carrot & daisy arrangement, antique chocolate molds and apothecary jar fill


Bunny Balloon & other centerpiece items:  find bottle or bud vase the right height for your cache pot, place it in center, insert plastic stick included in Meri Meri kit and fill with Easter grass.  I had to stuff a bit of paper in the neck of my bottle to get the stick to stay straight and centered.  You can also use floral foam if you have some but I wanted to save the cost. I’m sure if you were so inclined you could create your own bunny balloon.  The kit just gave pre-done adhesive ears, whiskers and bow tie.  The eyes and nose/mouth were stickers but could be drawn on a white balloon and the balloon tied to a thin dowel.  I displayed my antique chocolate molds with this and the Balloon Centerpiece below.  One mold was placed on a small glass candy dish that had fine Easter grass on  it and I covered it with a large jar and added a wired ribbon.  I like to use books as risers in centerpiece groupings to things show well above the food on the table.  The colored eggs in the smaller apothecary jar are sentimental as my older daughter has made them over the years. See above photo.

Golden eggs on skewers

Mimosa Bar floral arrangement:  this is so easy, it’s hardly worth mentioning.  The glitter eggs above came in a pack of 6 and I used bamboo skewers to add a fun dimension to the arrangement.

Other décor items shown below were things I’ve collected over the years, many of which during the time I lived in Germany and I sourced things at the French and German flea markets and specialty stores in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (a charming walled city near Munich).  The Christopher Radko Easter Tree and larger blown glass ornaments were issued around 14 years ago and I purchased them from a catalog.  I do add to my collection now that I’m  in the US by hitting after Easter sales to save money, but most things are items my older daughter made or are thing that have meaning from my time in Europe.  I much prefer using the same items year after year that have meaning to changing my look every year.  I guess I’m sentimental!

Radko & other egg tree ornaments




Academy Awards Party

Invitation design from Etsy's Maddie and Marry was printed by Shutterfly.

Since the Academy Awards are coming up soon – Sunday February 22 – I wanted to share the recent party we had for my 7th grader’s class. Just photos today, tomorrow I will review simple DIY instructions.

Sourcing: Amazon for statues, tickets, cupcake stars, misc. decorations, popcorn boxes and gold tinsel. Invitation design by Etsy’s Maddie and Marry. Target foil streamers and gold patterned lanterns (not shown). Dessert plates Tiffany & Co. Jars and light strings Fred Meyer.  Gold rim glasses Dollar Tree.



The Italian Soda bar was a favorite with the guests and easy to set up.

Red velvet cupcakes, 3 flavors of popcorn, Redvines and other movie candy filled the dessert bar.

Serving items included an antique brass store riser, Murano compotes, Rock Cut dessert plates added to the table.

A sample of the costume contest prize awaits the category winners of Best Look-Alike, Most Creative, Funniest and Best Overall.  The ballots and DIY ballot box sat adjacent to the sample prize.

Lots of impact yet easy to create.  We used 2 dozen helium filled and 1 dozen air filled balloons for variation.

Two strings of lights with gold tinsel created a fun vibe to the living room.

Foil stars were personalized with guest names and hung with fishing line over inexpensive sheers.

Jov.E at party (2)

Mixology instructions for the guests.